Native English Speaking Staff

Native English Speaking Staff

Your skills and experiences will be appreciated.

Cinderella Fc Group in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama is looking for Native English Speaking Staff. Various positions are available, depending on your previous experiences.
Our evaluation system is adequately prepared, so there is the possibility for promotion and raises.


You must be a native english speaker, have experience of working in Japan, able to have daily conversation in Japanese(also reading & writing skills), and must have proper working visa. And also can communicate and work well with others is ruquired.

Job description

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  • 店長候補
  • 店舗スタッフ
  • 女性内勤スタッフ
  • エステ店スタッフ


  • SEOスタッフ
  • ライター
  • メディア企画
  • WEBデザイナー

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've never worked in adult industry . Is it alright?
A. Absolutely no peroblem.
Q. I only have a tourist visa. Is it possible to work?
A. We are afraid not. You need to have a proper working visa.
(If you want to work for "店舗職", your status of residence must be either permanent resident, spouse of Japanese national, spouse of permanent resident or long term resident.)
Q. Is the working shift fixed?
A. Yes, the shift is generally fixed.
Q. I want to work only for a short time, like 3 months. Is it possible?
A. No, we are sorry but we don't offer short-term employment.
Q. Where is the office located?
A. Our offices are located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama.
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